I try to make work available for purchase every 2-3 months; I refer to these as ‘Art Releases’. When I have the body of work ready, I will post a gallery page on my website with photos, prices, details, etc. I then announce a date and time when the online signup form will become available on my website. This signup form is available to anyone BUT it only accepts a limited number of submissions before it closes. It is a first-come-first-serve signup and sale system. For example, if I have 17 pieces of work to sell, I will limit the signup to 15 people so that each person has options to choose from. Once all spots are filled, I go down the list (in order of signup) and let the person select from the remaining pieces. I advertise the dates and times of these Art Releases on my instagram page and via email which you can register for on the Email Updates page.

This signup system allows me to work directly with each customer via email and it lets me pace the sale of work to better manage shipping. I email PayPal invoices, accept Venmo payments and will discuss shipping options at the time of the sale. Some international sales will be handled through Etsy (they have a better handle on all Taxes and Duties).

For an example of the signup rules I have used in the past, you can visit a prior art release here.

For signed fine art prints and smaller creatures, please visit my Etsy storefront.

lextalkington art etsy shop storefront

Dec 28, 2020: I have select pieces on exhibit at Sparks Gallery in downtown San Diego, CA that can be purchased through the gallery. Please visit the Sparks Gallery Curatorial Selections page.

Dec 01, 2020: I also have select pieces on exhibit at the P.lindberg Gallery in Helsingborg, Sweden that can be purchased through the gallery. For contact info, please visit https://www.paulinelindberg.se/.