Chicken Dish, 2018

17.25 x 12.75 x 6 inches


Smith-Corona typewriter parts, Polaroid 340 camera parts, wood, plastic.

The blue Smith-Corona Coronet Super 10 typewriter that I picked up at a swap meet contained a small plastic container of correction tape. I pried the container open and out fell a correction tape containing the words “chicken dish.” That discovery led to this kinetic automata sculpture that also contains parts from a Polaroid 340 land camera from the same era as the typewriter. Turning the crank spins a set of three internal gears that were cut from plastic. Through various openings, you can view spinning collages and assemblages that piece together memories of these found objects.

This piece received First Place at the Refresh: Past, Present, Future Juried Exhibition at the Escondido Municipal Gallery in 2018 (Escondido, CA).

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