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Ohm's Garden, 2022

Ohm's Garden, 2022

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Ohm's Garden, 2022

Found objects (camera parts, watch parts, electronics, transformer wire), urethane resin, MDF, paint, aluminum, steel and stainless hardware.

FRAMED: 17.14 x 17.14 x 3.12 in (43.53 x 43.53 x 7.92 cm)
ROUND DISPLAY PANEL w/o Frame: 14.00 x 14.00 x 2.50 in (35.56 x 35.56 x 6.35 cm)
CAST: 9.87 x 9.87 x 1.25 in (25.06 x 25.06 x 3.17 cm)

If you would like to purchase this piece without the outer frame, I will discount $300.00 USD from the price — you would need to email me at before purchasing for me to set this up. Please see the last image to understand what will be received if you select not to buy the frame.

It is almost unbelievable the variety of insects I can find in the evenings under the light here in Georgia — the main catalyst for this piece. The large scarab beetle and the swallowtail butterfly are flanked by three small beetles (look close!) making their ways through the foliage.

The frame design is CNC-cut from several 1/2 inch thick layers of MDF along with three aluminum laser-cut rings that adorn the face. I apply one coat of sealer to all MDF parts, the center panel is sealed and painted white. The brackets and cable hanger are attached to this central panel.

  • Custom, stainless brackets designed by Lex.
  • Certificate of Authenticity included.
  • Embossed signature label is placed on the bottom or side of the cast.
  • The cast is wrapped separately from the mounts and frame; mounting instructions are included inside the package.
  • There may be slight surface imperfections on all casts including small surface bubbles or curved edges. I note other notable blemishes above.
  • The cast creature is susceptible to fingerprints, clean with a small amount of window cleaner and a soft cloth.
  • Do not clean the signature on the bottom.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight or high-emitting UV lights.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures and rapid temperature variations.
  • All images, concepts, artwork and content © Lex Talkington. All Rights Reserved.
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